Personalized Products Expanding

Personalized medicine is happening, as there are 57 percent more products now than four years ago, a new report says.

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Half of a small number is

Half of a small number is still a small number. This has to happen, i.e. precision medicine, but the impact won't be felt until the number of differentiable diseases hit 5-6 figures. Who knows how much individual variation will be required?

I thought from the headline

I thought from the headline the numbers were small too... but since when is 113 a 57% increase over 13? 57% CAGR doesn't work either.. not at least for the dates 2006 to today. And is their definition of personalized medicine a standard? Not how I would have defined personalized medicine, at least not completely.
Strange article.

I think they mean 57%

I think they mean 57% increase from 72 products in 2011 to 113 in 2014; the lower number was from earlier.

Personnalised medecine,

Personnalised medecine, maybe, with a small RTPCR run for a mutation but WGS hype, not by a mile. That' the problem with the hype. The mere fact that we are now passing HPV molecular screening with ancient technology and kits shows the huge gap between a bench and a clinical setting.