Personal Genome Sequencing? Meh …

Bloggers debate the utility of personal genomics.

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23andMe does not sequence the

23andMe does not sequence the genome but provides genotyping data from a limited number of SNPs.

Oh, this childish whining is

Oh, this childish whining is getting old. I think GenomeWeb sends these news items out as troll bait for increased hits. Worked perfectly on me.

23&me analysis costs about as much as a couple of months of cable TV and delivers very high quality data on 1 million of your own genotypes. If this is not interesting to you then I call you both a moron and a Luddite.

If you are surprised that we cannot yet predict from constellations of 1 million SNPs what your precise disease risks are going to be, then you are again an ignoramus and I suggest you spend some time reading books, essays, and research articles, many of them decades old, that point out that life is every so slightly complex and so is the genome and its interactions with the environment. What do people actually expect: a 1-to-1 mapping of SNPs to complex disease risk? Come-on.

Bingo! Rob

Bingo! Rob

SNP mapping is like telling

SNP mapping is like telling "this SNP is in bed neighborhood". Thus I am waiting for 1 million markers that test disease locus directly, but not just SNPs that are in its neighborhood. But the way from "neighborhood" to exact place is not via massive sequencing projects (loved so much by politicians and cluless investors), but hard work of hundreds of small research labs.

@dglubb In addition to SNP

@dglubb In addition to SNP arrays, they are sequencing exomes. You're welcome to look at the one I received for your own curiousity,

I love how people are now

I love how people are now entitled to protect the bullshit marketing of 23andme, its fair game, scientists like us are trained into bulshit discovery marketing, just ask Francis Collins view of the medical world in 2010. We must survive on funding and scientific trends. The reality is that when you look at the money spent, you would do much better investing in prevention awareness rather than this crap. Stop acting like offended virgins, personnal genomics is exectly where it should be: no where. Now let's get back to companion markers, simple vaccins, cancer characterization and resistance mutations, they save lives now, thank you.

Rob, are you calling Francis Collins an ignoramus ? Go back in time and you will see a bunch of mediatic crap, not even yesterday I am sure 3-4 labs around the world found some kind of drastic cancer tumor repressor...