Personal Genome Project Grows

The Personal Genome Project launches an effort in the UK and looks to the rest of Europe.

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Many of these projects were

Many of these projects were conceived in advance of testing a key assumption. That assumption: each person has a personal genome. This should have been tested twenty years ago, but that's the nature of truly big - and desirable - assumptions.

Recent findings reported extensively in Science and elsewhere knocks that assumption to the floor. "Our" genome varies from tissue to tissue, even from cell to cell, and certainly as we age. The extent of the differences is still uncertain and, given the predisposition of funding agencies and governments, is likely not to be thoroughly investigated for some time.

Still, the value of massive amounts of "personal" data may be minimal. The first test could even occur in the courts as DNA testing may be compromised.

what an amazing waste of

what an amazing waste of time, is this still 2003 ?