Personal Genetics Plusses

23andMe's Anne Wojcicki discusses the benefits of personal genetics.

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It would be appropriate

It would be appropriate journalism to note that there's conflict of interest in this news, seeing as how Ms Wojcicki's company is in the business of genetic analysis. Come on people, just because she's married to a Google bizillionaire doesn't mean she should get a free pass.

hahaha what a joke... its

hahaha what a joke... its been proved that it doesn't change one thing. Do you think a fat slop barely able to tie their shoes and look at themselves in the mirror will give a crap about your test. Overtest everyone while your lobby is at it... what junk. Even a cheap pair of running shoes would do a better job.

wow... where did those

wow... where did those replies come from. Being the CEO of a personal genetics company makes her an expert and I am glad to see her thoughts. And yes, there are a lot of people who wouldn't respond to such information. But the health and fitness industry is by some accounts a $26B industry and I'm certain that the personal genetics market will grow faster than the industry overall.

It won't be long that in addition to knowing our genome, we will have constant monitoring of our vitamin levels, insulin, blood oxygen, which we will use to modify our behavior on a daily basis... and MS Wojcicki and other entrepreneurs will enable us to do so.