Over to the Criminal System

A researcher who admitted to falsifying data is indicted.

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I read that he tried to make

I read that he tried to make it look like an HIV vaccine was working in rabbits when it wasn't. He was ultimately playing with people's lives here whether his motive was profiteering via future vaccine sales versus just getting his next grant. Or, to be more charitable, maybe he thought the vaccine SHOULD work, and would work if only he could take the next step with it.

But if I am understanding this correctly, I don't see how he could ever again be trusted to conduct research, let alone 3 years from now, or how he should expect to escape prosecution for what amounts to a huge theft of a scarce resource - NIH dollars - from people with HIV.

Perhaps Senator Grassley

Perhaps Senator Grassley (R-Iowa) should use the same tactic to fix his corrupt Republican Party as well. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.