Outside of Academia

GenomeWeb Careers profiles life science PhDs with non-academic careers.

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Great idea! Please be sure

Great idea! Please be sure to include management consulting (re: McKinsey, L.E.K.) and avenues in intellectual property (e.g., patent agent, patent attorney)

Will you be developing a

Will you be developing a holistic overview of where PhDs have ended up outside of academic, or will it be a series of snapshots of where a handful of people have landed?

@amish.patel: Thanks for the

@amish.patel: Thanks for the great suggestions!

@bernard.delacruz: Thanks very much for your comment. For this series, we're profiling individuals in a variety of non-academic careers with an emphasis on how they got to where they are now.

Another suggestions:

Another suggestions: scientific writing, both to the general public, as well as scientific editing/translation