The Other Path

A column at the Chronicle of Higher Education focuses on how to tell your advisor that you're not interested in staying in academia.

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If this were the 1950's or

If this were the 1950's or early 60's the expectation would be that a scientist should go into industry. Advisors actually used to give such advice and some still do. Where do the innovations in come from in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries if not from the Ph.D.s who realize there is more, a lot more excitement and opportunity outside of academia? This is from a Ph.D. with almost 50 years of working in industry, just as his mentors suggested.

If one wants to succeed in

If one wants to succeed in industry, one better be able to put on their big boy or big girl pants and have no fear or reservation about presenting their well thought out decision... but they also should consider their advisor a mentor and value an open and frank conversation first.