Origins and Ethics

The sequencing of an ancient American boy highlights ethical considerations.

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Not understanding the ethical

Not understanding the ethical dilemmas here. Science is science. Are they reaching out to the Mormons as well because the Mormons believe that Native Americans are Israelites who came to the Americas oversea in magical barges lit by magic stones? The Mormons feel really terrible when their beliefs are challenged. Where do you draw the line and just do science for science sake?

Conflating this discussion

Conflating this discussion with an argument about Mormon theology borders on the absurd.

Science tends to discredit

Science tends to discredit all religious doctrines. The question is, do you barge ahead, because science is reality-based and therefore trumps religion, or do you try to make accomodations so as not to cause distress to non-scientists?
I recall lots of opposition to carbon-dating the shroud of Turin. It was done, eventually, with the Vatican buying in to the process. The results were unsurprising, and, religion being religion, changed no minds. That seems to be the case with native American remains: talk to the interested parties in advance (or at least once you know who the interested parties are) and the issues won't become controversies.