Obama Crushing it Among Nobel Science Winners

Sixty-eight winners of scientific Nobel Prizes have signed a letter endorsing Obama, saying a Romney White House win would "devastate" scientific research in the US.

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I am so glad that our

I am so glad that our distinguished Nobel laureates have together taken a position on this vitally important issue. Thank you for your wisdom and leadership on behalf of science and human kind.

Mardi de Veuve Alexis
Senior Advisor for Strategic Partnerships and
Administrative Director, ITRC Partnership
Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope

This is another important

This is another important reason to vote for President Obama. Romney would owe his office to the religious right. This would be like GW Bush all over again. We cannot afford to once again put religious interpretive philosophy in charge of the rational scientific process. Also, Romney may understand business, but ask the good folks at Dade Behring and other science-based companies ruined by Bain if he understands science-based business. Search Dade Behring and Bain to see the results.

I'm Azike Fleming. I feel

I'm Azike Fleming. I feel this is just the right thing coming at the right time!

Either that or a typical case

Either that or a typical case of a cadre of people disposed to be impressed with themselves imagining a foundation for their own prejudices. If I read this:


I see unequivocal recogniztion by Romney that any kind of promising future is ineluctably predicated on strong scienfitic research. Plus a lot more thought given to the interrelationship of all of society's resources, opportunities and needs. From Obama, I read platitudes.

Perhaps the Laureates should deliberate on restrategizing academic research so that they, among the top 10% or so of grant awardees, no longer take 90% of the money. After all, if the small labs and some 90% of the intellect in the scientific community are driven to be baristas, where then the wellspring of ideas which frequently inspire (and which are sometimes poached and capitalized upon by) the big labs?

Romney can SAY anything, and

Romney can SAY anything, and maybe he actually believes it. But by examining the actions of Democrats vs. Republicans in terms of funding and the implementation of science in policy making it's obvious who the better choice is. I agree with the Nobelists.

As long as Federal Reserves

As long as Federal Reserves can print dollars faster than it looses it's vaule, both Obama or Romney will be able to finance 40-50% of entire federal budget from Fed printing press. I wish good luck for anyone who thinks that either Obama or Romney can create wealth from nothing!

The Nobel Laureates are

The Nobel Laureates are repeating the unproven mantra that climate change (global warming) is caused by human activities. About 1,000 years ago Greenland was green and then froze. Michael Lerman, Ph.D., M.D.

There are always

There are always right-wingers who complain about
the elite making the decisions that affect us all.
The problem is that most of these people think being
educated is what makes the elite. The fact is the
educated are for the most part not the elite.
Here the elite means the industrialist, bankers and billionaires who lobby and influence politicians and
Congress to get their agendas implemented.
The elite maybe educated but, most of the educated are by no means the among the elite.

Any of you "genius" laureates

Any of you "genius" laureates care to tell us what Obama did to Earn his Nobel? Or,why even a fifth-grader would listen to the drivel of such political illiterates. $500 million wasted on Solyndra, alone,could pay for a lot of research; it was squandered on a political donor. Other examples abound. People that do research for a living shouldn't have any trouble researching THAT.