Not Too Natural, Now

Guidelines from the US Patent and Trademark Office say patentable inventions must be "significantly different" from natural products.

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Without researching more into

Without researching more into this I'd say this might be a good thing. Let's bring some of the research back to the universities and public good to the profiting off from natural medicine.

The lines between

The lines between universities and the commercial sector became blurred long ago. No champion for the public good Im afraid.

On the nose, "NWI7325." The

On the nose, "NWI7325." The NIH has long since been co-opted as early-stage pharma, and willingly so. Further, American universities border on becoming patent trolls since the passage of Bayh-Dole in 1980.

No "common good" biomedical research is being done anywhere.

Besides, if one wanted the

Besides, if one wanted the research to be brought "back to the universities", one would have to be willing to fund it. Try to get that past the current congress...