Not for Kids

Bill Nye the Science Guy says denying evolution is an "untenable" position — and not one for kids.

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Amen, Brother Bill.

Amen, Brother Bill.

Well, denying that the Earth

Well, denying that the Earth and Universe are more than a few thousand years old - that is "untenable." Denying that life has existed on Earth for more than a few thousand years - that is untenable. Denying that the actual timesacale for each is more on the order of billions of years - that is pretty untenable. Deying that evolution (genetic divergence in concert with selection and population isolation leading to speciation) has occurred in the history of life on Earth - that is exceeding unlikely to be tenable. On the other hand, denying that creation has occurred - that is also not tenable because that is completely unknowable. It does children no good service to command them to believe that my postulates must be corect because I can see flaws in the other guy's. So how about just admitting to children that we don't really know. How about saying to them, "here is what we do know; here is what we THINK we know; here is what we hypothesize; when it comes right down to it, we don't KNOW very much about what has actually happened; now why don't you go out and try to figure some of it out." Be better than some smug yet vacuous dismissal anyway.

Evolution serves as a

Evolution serves as a unifying concept in biology, but not for other scientific fields such as chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. The statement that denial of evolution is 'completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe' is an overstatement. Many scientists outside of biology make observations which evolutionary theory does little to aid in interpretation thereof. Care should be taken in discussing science education in a public forum--whether you are a scientist or you play one on TV.

Well said Biotreker.

Well said Biotreker.

Macro evolution, micro

Macro evolution, micro evolution and creationism deserve more discussion than Bill Nye has allowed. Good words, Biotreker and MolBio131.

Does evolution occur?

Does evolution occur? Absolutely, there is much evidence in Biological Sciences that species have evolved. Is there any evidence to support that biological life evolved from chemicals? Not really. That is a hypothesis still trying to be tested. Could there have been creation and then evolution? It is possible. As Biotreker commented, we don't have confirmation and therefore our children should not be taught that it is fact. They should be taught to think objectively and critically. State what is known and explain that there are hypothesis which we can not correctly test at this time to prove or disprove "creation" or "evolution from non life".

Bill, you are not being

Bill, you are not being truthful. Darwin himself in Origin of Species stated that the fossil evidence for transitional forms was completely lacking and the future would either proove or disproove his theory. After thousands of fossile finds and hundereds of years, the fossil record STILL does not support evolution. No credible examples of transitional life forms for any species has been found. So when you allude that creation is not supported by facts you deceive people into believing that Evolution IS supported by the facts. All that Evolution has in it's support is concensus and concensus is POOR Science. What the fossil record shows is an expolsion of species already fully developed and diversified, exactly what one would expect if Creation occurred as decribled in the first chapter of the Bible. So who's world view is REALLY wihtout supporting evidence? Evolutionists! The real harm to children is to teach them this unsupported theory as fact. This is resulting in the DECLINE of High School graduates wanting to pursue the sciences. How can you expect to acheive anything if the world is the result of chance happenings, how can you even trust the "laws of Science"? You see, Bill, EVERY MAJOR field of Science was established by an individual who believed in Biblical Creation...some even found the inspiration for their fields IN the Bible. So stop attacking the Foundations of the Sciences and those who still beilieve in those founding principles.

Please excuse the typo's I

Please excuse the typo's I was unable to edit them out.

And please remember...

And please remember... Evolution does not explain love, sorrow, committment, integrity, gratitude, compassion, goodness, evil... All the things that matter so much more than propensity toward a particular disease say, or how humans migrated out of Africa for instance.

Evolution does not deny

Evolution does not deny creation. What a notion! Denying evolution flies in the face of what is observable. Selection and evolution have created much that is both wonderous and horrendous. To say that love matters more than evolution is much like saying music is more beautiful than glaciers. Even love, sorrow, commitment, etc have evolutionary impact.