No Freak Outs

A new study from 23andMe finds that participants who learned that they have BRCA mutations didn't experience "extreme anxiety."

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Seven out of 32 carriers plan

Seven out of 32 carriers plan to have prophylactic removal of traget organs but "no one has extreme anxiety?" This nonsense is typical of the anecdotal science done by Big Sister and her toy company and illustrates how valueless "consumer genetics" is. In contrast to the previous Scripps analysis on a panel of statistical trends that propagate to virtually no predictive value in the population at large - where casual interest but no specific concern is the apporpriate response - ironically in this case there are known and life threatening risks attached to the BRCA mutations. If people newly informed truly do not have significant concerns then they havn't been educated very well by Dr. Francke et al. By the way, the Supreme COurt hasn't flagrantly ignored patent law and made BCRA mutation testing public domain yet.