The Next NIGMS Head

Hopkins' Jon Lorsch is to take over as director of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

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Why is the National Institute

Why is the National Institute of General Medical Sciences a "basic science flagship"? Where is the medical science representation?

Chris Kaiser accepted the

Chris Kaiser accepted the position, and was briefly director of NIGMS, so your facts are somewhat off. Also, Jeremy Berg quit as a response to Francis Collins gutting NCCR and starting NCATS, a move which the majority of institute and center directors opposed. In addition, although NCATS new director, Chris Austin is tremendously talented, that search process was a sham. He had to "leave' the NIH on 'sabbatical', and then return when anointed with the position of director, NCATS. I don't care, but maybe this all means the direction of the NIH is changing. BTW- NIGMS was set-up to do do 'basic science', not 'medical science', and as such, has produced many outstanding contributions to our understanding of medicine.
Just my $0.02 - Gerry Higgins, M.D., Ph.D.