NCATS Skeptics

NIH should leave drug discovery to the professionals, says one former Pfizer exec.

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Absolutely. Neither the NIH

Neither the NIH nor the academic community has provided any solid evidence in support of the hypothesis that this kind of effort is logical, desirable, and feasible in these communities. If this plan had been a regular research proposal, it would have been rejected by any objective peer review. Sad.

Drug discovery needs novel,

Drug discovery needs novel, outside the box thinking. Pharmas and biotech industries have their business priorities and hence often potential therapeutics are shelved for one reason or other. There are several examples of new use for a known drug emerging.So taking 20 or more drugs which have already one through tox studies if successful can considerably reduce the time to patient. After all this is what translational science is meant to do. So, it is not unscientific to think that a indication may emerge from already approved drugs. We need more outside the box thinking. Congratulations to Francis Collins for thinking boldly. I can only hope the study section people are bold enough to fund some of the proposals that will emerge from these efforts.

Making money is the driving

Making money is the driving engine of Pharma. Helping patients and improving lives is the driving engine of the NIH. That difference is clearly what NCATS is all about. NCATS represents the very best interest of the American people. Pharma represents the very best interest of Wallstreet. Both these interests overlap a small bit, however, clearly the extremely small investment in NCATS as compared to the titanic investments from Pharma creates worries that their oligopoly stranglehold in setting the economic parameters of our healthcare system will be shown as primarily serving greed over need. Too bad NCATS does not fit into pharma's money driven business model. Pharma best respect that the NIH is the real source of research and creativity in our nation and that tax payer funded research spins off most of pharma's profit centers. Cheers to NCATS! May they open the door to that unprofitable adventure of curing rather than treating diseases.