For More Transparency

A bill introduced in the US House of Representatives aims to make the federal competitive grant-awarding process more transparent.

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This is likely another

This is likely another attempt to suppress unwanted research that could conflict with the desires of politicians and their constituents. E.g., much of the continued "debate" over gun control stems from suppression of further research when early results demonstrated that gun owners and their families were the more likely victims of gun "violence" through accident and misuse.

Imagine suppression of research that potentially couples growing income disparity to decreased life span for lower incomes.

If anyone respects the

If anyone respects the scientist process its Republicans from Oklahoma

Having final progress reports

Having final progress reports from past grants available publicly would greatly assist in the review process. Currently, there is no accountability: a reviewer has to invest significant detective work to determine the outcome of NIH or NSF's investment in an applicant via past grants. Having progress reports for all past grants as readily available as the abstracts of that work would be very helpful to selecting grantees with strong track records.