Mavericks Wanted

A letter to the Guardian from more than two dozen researchers laments the demise of open-ended inquiry and scientific mavericks.

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More control over the

More control over the direction of research should not be unexpected with the competition for government funds increasing. The hopeful news is that the new restrictions and limits only broaden the field of potential private investors who come from a tradition of creativity, innovation. These are backers of crowd- funding and sometimes they are individuals focused on specific areas of research with their wealth, or rare disease organizations populated by worried families who've banded together.

Maverick scientists should not despair. Thinking "outside the box" will continue to be supported, just by different players. Of course it may require the acquisition of more polished presentation skills. Researchers will be expected to adapt a bit, able to explain their research to individuals with expertise outside their field who will be eager to hear about their work.