A Matter of Records

After errors found in a 2006 paper, Duke's Anil Potti faces questions about the contents of his résumé.

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I found the poll that was

I found the poll that was recently put up by GenomeWeb very disturbing, as none of the proposed answers to the question "Was Duke University right to halt the clinical trials based on Anil Potti's research after hearing reports that his resume was padded?" really makes any sense. There are two distinct issues here, one is the reliability of the metrics that Potti and colleagues have developed for predicting patient responses to chemotherapy, the second is the reliability of his CV. The former should instruct decisions to continue clinical trials, not the latter. From evidence presented by the Cancer Letter, there are good reasons to be suspicious of the way the metrics were developed, and hence there are compelling reasons to stop the trials, independently of whether Potti padded his CV.