Left Behind?

President Barack Obama tells the National Academy of Sciences that the sequester may set back scientific research by two years.

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Well first of all, Obama is

Well first of all, Obama is the architect of the "sequester" in the first place.

Second of all, the money isn't being sequestered as much as it doesn't actually exist, in that the governemnt does not collect enough money to pay for all of its grandiose plans.

Third of all, Obama isn't remotely qualified to proffer an estimate like "2 year delay." Typical politician, making up a number for shock value.

Fourth of all, it is completely uncalibrated. Does that mean there will be no science done for the next 2 years, after which the work will start up again at a normal pace? Or what? Even if one maintains less work will get done steady state, one would expect a priori that a 5% difference would to go to nuance, not substance. If 95% of the work is still getting done it will take some 40 years to accrue a 2 year deficit in the amount of work which might have been accomplished, nicht wahr? A lot can happen in 40 years in all events.

Fifth of all, a lot more than 5% of the science spend is on redundant, derivative work. No loss in cutting most of that. Might even motivate people to be more cutting-edge in their thinking and move things along more quickly.

So isn't this really just another self serving attempt to associate himself with all that is good and holy, and imply that his political opponents are responsible for evil?