'The Knock-on Effects'

With limited access to some resources due to the US federal government shutdown, some researchers find themselves scrambling.

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I hope the furloughed NIH

I hope the furloughed NIH workers in the DC area can use some of their time off to explain to Tea Party freshmen representatives what they actually do. If I were in the DC area I'd consider taking time off to explain how useful NCBI is to the rest of us, and what a pain it is to suddenly be unable to contact them, process submissions, use teleconference lines they provide for various projects, etc. It's a national embarrassment that so much work is delayed by what is essentially a temper tantrum thrown by grown people elected to Congress.

Sorry, Angie, but that won't

Sorry, Angie, but that won't work. I've been trying to contact my representative, Tim Huelskamp, for days, but he won't return my calls. He is busy telling the news that most Americans don't notice that the government is shut down, and that all of his constituents are behind him in shutting the government down. It seems that he is one of the believers in NO government workers, no Science, no negotiation. Period. He's in a happy place (notice all of the smiling), and no amount of talking is going to dislodge him. To really add insult, he's running unopposed in his district, so why should he care? He can't loose!