James Watson, Provocateur

James Watson ruffles feathers at a recent lecture.

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Trashing the dead and making

Trashing the dead and making racist comments is "ruffling feathers?" Nobelists really get a pass!

Obviously, you would know.

Obviously, you would know.

He'll get a special welcome

He'll get a special welcome in Dublin when he visits next month, I'd imagine.

I'm curious as to why my

I'm curious as to why my comment was deleted. Was it because if the inference that Watson's remarks reflect physiologically influenced diminished rationality or because I congratulated the Irish for remaining among the world's most enlightened peoples despite centuries of deliberate Penal Laws intended to suppress them into the ignorance that Watson projects upon them?

James Watson is right, the

James Watson is right, the amount of money spent on genomics and more specifically genomic sequencing is doing absolutely nothing to cure disease. I know genomeweb doesn't like to feel depress about the state of genome reality and the pure hype of scientist. Its tough but the more you face the reality, the better citizen you become. You can sequence all you want, society will keep getting sicker and sicker until prevention is not dealt with. Keep on sequencing... Its only good for forensic and applied work, not for disease. I know it hurts but come on, go back ten years ago in your articles, where is my cure baby...

The negative comments

The negative comments primarily address Watson's boorishness and racist attitudes, not the scientific validity of his arguments. Sadly, the latter are often undercut by the former.