An iTunes Model for Journal Articles

A startup is applying the iTunes model to scientific articles.

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"Articles accessed through

"Articles accessed through ReadCube cannot be printed or shared."????

Seriously? Have these people ever read a journal article? Not having the ability to print or share the material you are reading, makes this dead in the water. When I read an article, I want to take notes in the margins and show others the data. And they can't stop people from screen capturing each page (or select pages) of which ever article they are accessing.

A true iTunes model would be brilliant. I'd easily pay $5 to be able to print off an article.

Why not 99 cents??

Why not 99 cents??

Good point, but I figured no

Good point, but I figured no one would agree to a $0.99 business model.

This is just disgusting. All

This is just disgusting. All knowledge should be accessible freely by anyone. Science is, or should be, a gift economy. No author gets paid, or should get paid, when people download or read their articles. Publishers are parasites that need to be eradicated. We are in the 21st century, we don't need publishers anymore like in the time of the printing press. Thanks to the Internet, all digital information can be shared freely with everyone with virtually no cost. Open access is the only viable solution to sharing scientific knowledge, and ultimately, all content that exists in digital form.