Industry, Meet Sequestration

Can business buoy R&D to offset the sequestration?

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That's pretty funny actually.

That's pretty funny actually. Vast numbers of people have been laid off from industry over the last 6 - 8 years and suffer economic privation. In the shaky overall economy very little investment is being made in things without an immediate ROI. Promising projects are waysided and good jobs are scarce. My family income is only about 35% of what it was in 2006. In contrast, scientists feeding from the public teat have done pretty well on my tax dollars over these years. If they have to tighten their belt a tiny bit, well welcome to the real world.

I get the "public teat"

I get the "public teat" comment on occasion when I mention that I am a publically funded researcher. But I admit I never before heard it from a researcher. There is an unquestioned role of government in funding the search for new knowledge that, in turn, is a basis for economic growth. Likewise, there is a reciprocal obligation on the part of the private sector to invest in basic research - as it once did famously, at places like Bell Labs. That private sector investment is now frozen at the same time that the federal government is stalemated makes a perfect storm for basic research. If even researchers (like the last commentor) see this as a zero sum game, it's over. Consider instead ways to convince stockholders (i.e. investors as well as the general public) to see the value of the C-PET proposal.