Inclusive, and Better, Science

The diversity of a scientific team is associated with higher citation rate, NPR reports.

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as put forth in the first

as put forth in the first comment on the NPR page, "It's not necessarily just that diverse teams create 'better' papers -- it could very easily be that papers by diverse teams also simply get _cited_ more often, because their authors are connected to substantially more diverse and broader networks."
haven't read the study myself, but it does seem... unscientific.

I agree with you TOTALLY... I

I agree with you TOTALLY...

I didn't read the paper either but heard the broadcast on NPR. It seems that the world of scientific publications had two periods: the period when papers were written by authors with English names only and the period where Chinese and Indians names were present in the list of authors!!!
Would it mean that Spanish, German, Italian or French scientists never publish????