If Only They Hadn't Said Anything

Jay Flatley says that Roche's public offer for Illumina may have prevented a deal from being consummated.

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and now one of Illumina's

and now one of Illumina's biggest customers (BGI) is going head to head with them in the US diagnostics business by buying Complete Genomics...times will get harder for Illumina

Sounds like Flatlet is

Sounds like Flatlet is fishing.

Complete Genomics is not in

Complete Genomics is not in the diagnostics business. And BGI does not sell instrumentation and 60-70% of its infrastructure is based on the Illumina platform. I don't think the buyout does anything to Illumina.

dear sinclairmartyn, lol,

dear sinclairmartyn, lol, another genomic confusion... CG has zero to do with diagnostics. Its hard enough to give any NGS technology the claim for diagnostic, let alone a cave of tubing, valves and number crunchers... Come on now, most scientist have almost no grasp about real diagnostic...