Hyping the Microbiome

The human microbiome has fueled a lot of hype, and maybe not for the best.

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They same hype surrounded the

They same hype surrounded the human genome project 10+ years ago. It will eventually level off.

potential for the

potential for the unscrupulous to mislead the uniformed for a profit? Never heard oz such a thing in medicine...

Without a doubt.

Without a doubt. Unfortunately science doesn't do well in getting their message out to the masses. So they get taken in by pseudo biotech profiteers fleecing investor class, to nutraceutical supplements companies hyping the next dietary aid without clear and compelling data.

I am a molecular biologist by training and it makes sense that we have a relationship with the flora in our gut. Now, how we can influence or manipulate it for our health is another matter.

That for which much is claimed much evidence should be expected.

One dude's hype is another

One dude's hype is another dude's excitement.

The masses? Not a good term.

The masses? Not a good term. Connotes the great unwashed.

Association is not causation,

Association is not causation, yada yada... The bubble machine drives many a career.

Back to the debate on whether animal inflammation models (and other models, by extension) are relevant at all, as reignited over the last few weeks in Science.