HIV Makes Music

A University of Georgia graduate student has composed an album of music based on the HIV genome.

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Kinexus Bioinformatics has

Kinexus Bioinformatics has converted the amino acid sequences and corresponding DNA sequences of the following 12 cell signalling proteins (EGF Receptor, PI 3-Kinase, PTP-1B Phosphatase, VHI-related Phosphatase, PP2B/Calcineurin, Phospholipase A2, PI-specific PLC, cGMP Phosphodiesterase, Adenylate Cyclase, Gi-α1 G Protein, H-Ras, and Caspase 8) into musical notes to produce a unique melody for each protein. The soundtracks are based on the hydrophobicity scores of the amino acids in the primary structure of each protein; the more hydrophilic the amino acid, the higher the musical note that was assigned. The melody notes are of amino acids and background music is of the corresponding DNA. Different scales and tempos were used for the proteins and a selection of different instruments were also employed. The soundtracks were produced by Dr. William Campbell and are freely available for download from the following url: