Hang on, Little Tomato!

Researchers work to add taste back into tomatoes.

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Great, just what we needed,

Great, just what we needed, tomato-flavored Kool-Aid.

Could someone please make a

Could someone please make a canavanine-free onion for those of us who react badly to that non-protein amino acid? And maybe get it out of GMO soy too? I can understand if its too much to ask for alfalfa, red clover, chick peas, and jack beans... but it's miserable having to not only avoid all the unhealthy foods I need to keep out of my diet, but having to skip these healthy ones too is a real pain. It seems like soy protein and onion powder or minced onion in particular are everywhere in nearly everything.

Write me at stefansvikkia at uams dot edu if you come up with anything or needs to ask me about this!