For the Green

The US Congress is taking up the issue of visas for foreign graduates of US universities who studied science and technology.

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Well being in the 53% of the

Well being in the 53% of the workers who pays taxes, and so much taxes my take-home barely covers our expenses, I am most certainly subsidizing the education of these carpetbaggers, in taxes that fund the universites directly, in taxes that to to grants and overhead charges that fund the reserach programs and educational expenses,etc. Now I am supposed to be excited that my taxes will further enable the carpetbaggers to take my job away from me instead of going home to bring the value of their education to the potential beneficieries in their native land. Not to mention preparing to support my children for life because they can't get jobs in the weak US economy either, never mind the competition for openings. Good idea.

Yes, those same

Yes, those same 'carpetbaggers' who are opening new companies, making technological breakthroughs that drive American innovation, and industries forward. Not to mention, create jobs.

The same 'carpetbaggers' also belong to your 53%. They pay the same federal and state taxes, as well as medicare and ss taxes (which they never get to benefit from due to their temporary visa status). All they are asking for is an opportunity to *choose* easily between staying in the US and contributing to this country or going back to their native land.

Btw, note that the Bills exclude those with advanced degrees in biological sciences, since there is ' very high unemployment rate ' in that field.