Genomics X Prize Fizzles Out

Peter Diamandis, the CEO and chairman of the XPrize Foundation, writes at the Huffington Post that the Archon Genomics XPrize competition has been cancelled.

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As contestants come within

As contestants come within the realm of the goal they prize is withdrawn? Pretty weenie.

The fact is that no one is

The fact is that no one is able to come close to the accuracy required for the prize at this time. The inability of current sequencing methodology to deal with heterochromatin and large structural variations is just being swept under the rug.

Also at this point a $1000

Also at this point a $1000 genome is not particularly attractive. We do research exomes for this price, at the risk of missing some things, whereas it's still too expensive for routine clinical utility. The $100 genome is the real goal, and no current technology seems even close to this.

Biotreker is very right! How

Biotreker is very right! How can they withdraw the prize? Were there investments made thinking about the prize? Very bad behavior.