Genomic Confidence

A survey finds uncertainty about multiplex genomic testing among cancer physicans, and a lack of confidence in themselves.

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Wow, almost as much variation

Wow, almost as much variation in cancer docs' opinions as in tumor genes from one part of tumor to another.

Smoke, mirrors and vested interests.

Cancer is a disease of SVs

Cancer is a disease of SVs plus some point mutations and maybe small indels. low confidence resulted from we haven't really demonstrated many rewarding cases for the clinicians searching for SNPs-alike.

we have been hunting SNPs type of "potholes" in genome for decades while under-explored or completely missed lots of "dark matter" of the genome, the next level of info hidden in structural changes, tectonic events such as structural arrangements, inversions, large indels, repeats, largely due to lacking of effective tools for comprehensive SV discoveries. That will change soon, with Irys.

Failure to keep up with

Failure to keep up with research has always been a problem. Some actually think the text book said it, 20 years ago, and by golly, it must be true today.

As for those that think people should not have their results, they should be aware the future has arrived and they did not. The quantified self movement began a while ago.