Garage Biology Bad for Science?

A blogger suggests that do-it-yourself biology might actually be perpetuating the social divisions in science, not dismantling them.

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DIY biology is no different

DIY biology is no different than amateur radio, working on cars, woodworking, model building or a host of other hands on hobbies. They can be done on a small budget or a larger budget as needed for building rockets. On the subject of rockets, Robert Goddard invented the liquid fueled rocket from a hobby. Hobbyists can be great inventors as we have seen from Henry Ford as well as Steve Jobs. Why not let the reap the profits of a hobby gone commercial. There is nothing un-democratic about that. If we always have to wait for academia or industry we would slow the pace of innovation to a crawl. Just like Hewlett Packard said a couple of years ago, "get back to the garage". Dave Packard started there in the 1940s and when I met him 40 years later, he and his company were at the pinnacle of success. Another very American, very democratic story.