Faster, Faster

University of Chicago researchers report using a supercomputer to speed up genome analysis.

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The graph they use shows that

The graph they use shows that data extraction takes the most time. Is that correct? I thought alignment would take longer.

mgollery - despite all the

mgollery - despite all the attention on alignment it's usually other steps that take more time - variant calling, annotation, writing out files. That's why Bina quotes 3 whole genomes/day on their Box, unless you decide to do silly things like write out the BAM files for archiving, in which case throughput drops dramatically. File I/O (and data movement in general) is a big bottleneck, that's why HPC systems at some genome centers use parallel filesystems like Lustre, as does Beagle in this paper. Of course if GATK 3 is anywhere near the 720x faster (as was presented at AGBT last week) running on 24 cores of standard Intel Xeon using AVX then who'll need a supercomputer? or for that matter a Bina Box...