From Ducks and Horses to Clone Armies

Eric Lander answered questions posed by people on Reddit.

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What do Eric Lander, Joshua

What do Eric Lander, Joshua Lederberg, Eric Holter, David Axelrod, Thelonious Monk, Lucy Lui, Joseph Mankiewicz, James Cagney and Tim Robbins have in common?

Great picture. Dr. Lander

Great picture. Dr. Lander should also be remembered for his IgNobel prize nanolecture on the Human Genome Project. In seven words, "Genome, bought the book hard to read.

come on ... whats the

come on ... whats the punchline?

Stuyvesant High School, NYC.

Stuyvesant High School, NYC.

I do not see veritas here.

I do not see veritas here. Good manager though.