DTC Testing Confusion

Consumer genomics companies generate varying assessments for one writer's disease risks.

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She might also have gone to

She might also have gone to three different physicians - a family practitioner, a cardiologist, and a clinical geneticist - and compared the results. Why does this not cross one's mind? Can one not know about genetics without a test?

A physician diagnoses is

A physician diagnoses is subjective. DTC is sold as an objective test, as such the results should be similar across companies. If you went to get a cholesterol test and two different companies provided dramatically different results would you be so lenient?

The discrepencies would be

The discrepencies would be there if she would go to a physician, that would be intrepreting any other type of data. The sequence (or SNP genotypes in this case) will be the exact same (although that is not mentioned). It is the intrepretation that is different. Very different than the cholosterol test.

For all her efforts, please

For all her efforts, please note that she had 3 tests that are in the category of 'recreational genomics' via labs that are not certified to be providing medical information and genetic risk assessment. Please consider speaking with a board certified genetic counselor (www.geneticcounselingservices.com) online or at your hospital or doctor's office. A certified counselor will take a 3 or 4 generation pedigree, request and review any necessary medical records, and propose appropriate genetic testing (which may or not be sequencing), provide comment (and follow-up in a clinically validated lab) on any recreational genetic testing that your family may have had (not a bad thing, if it brought you to this point) and work with your physician to identify and obtain insurance approval for the testing or clinical evaluation/management) that will truly get at providing you the management and care that you need for your issue of concern.
In the same way that you should verify that the laboratory doing your testing is certified by your state, as well as appropriately accredited, you may want to be sure that your health care provider has expertise in Genetics or is Certified the by American Board of Medical Genetics or American Board of Genetic Counseling. Please take as much care in your genetic testing and interpretation decisions as you do in choosing a doctor, dentist or hospital for your surgery.

However, if all you seek is recreational genetics information, there is all kinds of fun and (inaccurate) stuff out there to buy and learn, much for free on the internet, through apps, etc. Enjoy!