Down with Dry Writing

In Science Careers, Adam Ruben asks why scientists don't write 'interesting, dynamic stories.'

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Nowadays, scientific research

Nowadays, scientific research manuscripts are more written by committees than individuals so they will appear to be very impersonal despite the passion that underlies the work. I agree with Adam Ruben that there is a strong tendency for scientists to want to "let the results speak for themselves." I actually find this rather timid and annoying.

Almost any scientific research paper that one reads is full of phrases like "the data suggests" or "the results suggested". How can experimental observations and results be capable of communicating concepts and ideas? It's absurd. In reality, people can form opinions and conclusions by taking the raw data and putting them into the context of their world experience and themselves make suggestions as to what it all means.

I look at publishing scientific research papers like sending out your best writings in bottles into the open ocean. You never really know who is going to find it and what they will do with the information. You hope that it will prove illuminating and helpful to kindred spirits that can further build on what you have found. As a sincere effort to understand more about the universe and honestly convey what you think you and your colleagues have found, a published scientific research paper stands as part of your legacy for the future. You may as well make it as complete and interesting as possible.