A Dollop More

Draft bill before the Senate would increase funding for the US National Institutes of Health.

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One of two adults and one of

One of two adults and one of seven children die of cancer. With this amount of monies ($30.5 billion) you would expect the cancer problem (treating and curing cancer) would be solved. I doubt the cure for cancer is close.. Michael Lerman, M.D., Ph.D.

Some very encouraging

Some very encouraging developments for treating cancer are being made by Northwest BioTherapeutics, with their DCVax products that trigger an immune response to kill cancer cells. Check out their website nwbio.com & click through to their Press Releases. DCVax-L for brain cancer patients is in a Phase III trial, but Germany already provided a rare Hospital Exemption to make this treatment available immediately there. Plus making it eligible for insurance reimbursement in Germany. The DCVax-Direct treatment is for all inoperable solid cancers, and some very encouraging, early initial results are seen in their Phase I trial .... see the recent PR regarding the response of 9 of the 9 patients who have received their initial 4 injections and are just a few months into their treatments.