Do It Again

The US National Institute of Health is working with scientific journals to combat the problem of scientific findings that can't be reproduced.

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There's no mystery here, but

There's no mystery here, but the NIH refuses the only solution: funding duplication studies, and encouraging publication of "negative" results.

It is a staggering fact that

It is a staggering fact that only 11-25% of publications on drug targets can be validated. This causes an enormous waste of time and money in drug discovery. It is scandalous, and pleasing that someone is trying to do something about it. NIH funding won't fix it as it is wider than just the US, but perhaps a lifetime publication ban on authors who publish irreproducible results would! This would be easy to implement, as a central register could be set up by the NIH or other govt body, which can be searched by a journal before acceptance of a manuscript.