DNA Testing for Food

Authorities consider DNA testing to prevent food contamination, but it may be difficult to achieve.

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That is nonsense. One

That is nonsense. One doesn't need a whole genome sequence, or a whole exome sequence or even a 13 marker STR panel to tell the difference between a horse and a cow. Since sample amount is not limiting, one could test a batch with direct hybridization to rRNA for a few tens of dollars, fully loaded, and no doubt put together a species specific immunoassay for a cost of a few dollars per sample.

have a look at the page :

have a look at the page : Genetic Inspection of Food | Rapid Meat Species Identification


the solution is there !

Better still if crude lysate

Better still if crude lysate sample prep is sufficient.

The Shimadzu assay detects

The Shimadzu assay detects the other species, but not quantitatively.