Democratizing Genomics

The UK's plans to automate its genomics initiatives will democratize genomics.

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I'm very interested to see

I'm very interested to see how this works out in the UK. I certainly understand the analogy here and the goal of increasing access, but quality really is an issue. Unlike going back to Marks and Spencers for a new suit when the old one begins to wear, people aren't as likely to re-do their genome test every few years. It makes more sense, in my mind at least, to get the best quality available up-front. Yes, technology will change in time and maybe additional testing will be needed for people in the future, but why not try to go with the highest quality available at the present time to avoid problems down the line?

This is the problem with

This is the problem with analogies! I think there is no argument that the genome sequences and analytical tools must be top quality - but that precise in-depth interrogation of that sequence will not be needed for everyone. Indeed, searching through the genome in too much detail where it is not medically indicated could cause more problems than benefits - variants of unknown clinical significance and so on.