Darwin Day, It's Almost Official

A resolution in the US House of Representative seeks to officially recognize Feb. 12 as Darwin Day, in honor of the anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth.

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Oh there's a meaningful

Oh there's a meaningful expenditure of legislative effort. Is this to be an annual thing, like MLK and George Lincoln? Well certainly we now have to have a Gregor Mendel day, becuase without his insight Darwin was merely anecdotal, and Watson and Crick, because that one discovery is the closest thing biology willl ever have to a unified field (the hyperbole ascribed to Darwin above is much more true for them). Oh that's right, Mendel was a Catholic, and Watson and Crick were misogynists, PC antiheroes of the vilest order. Good old Darwin of late has been consecrated as the Atheists' deity and certainly the proper icon for mandatory obesience in the new age.