Dangerous? Not Really

An article about the dangers of microRNAs in genetically modified foods gets a reality check.

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Unfortunately, this blog

Unfortunately, this blog posted nearly 48 hours after a substantial revision of my article was published.

If the Daily Scan had any interest in discussing the issues I raised, there was ample time to explore a more refined version of my piece.

In fact, when the correction you quoted appeared on the Atlantic, the re-write was already sitting right below it.
I assume you chose to ignore the rewrite because the real story, to you, isn’t with the contents of my piece, but with the Atlantic for publishing it.

I realize that sticking with the original piece presented the opportunity to reprint snarky comments about me, but was that really in service of the greater good?

Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know the rewrite is ready. We'll include a link.