Curiosity and the Cat…

A high school student faces the consequences of a science experiment, and a blogger wonders what that means for scientific curiosity.

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Once mixed up some transfer

Once mixed up some transfer pipets previously used to dispense small aliquots of hydrazine and dimethly sulfate. When using the same transfer pipets to dispose of the aliquots into their respective inacivation reagents, aspirated hydrazine into the one previously used for DMS. Discovered rocket fuel.

There are sites to convey

There are sites to convey your support of Kiera and hopefully reverse this kneejerk reaction to what looks like a innocent experiment. See

Ah EtBR incident. Yup I'm

Ah EtBR incident. Yup I'm waiting for skin cancer too :-(, hopefully dementia will get me first (thanks 23&me)!

The principal should be

The principal should be dismissed, not the student. No wonder no kid wants to go into STEM anymore.

Calling it a science

Calling it a science experiment is giving her a bit too much credit. She didn't wake up one day wondering what would happen if you mixed toilet cleaner & aluminum. She knew what would happen; everybody does. Just Google "toilet bowl cleaner & aluminum". She just wanted to blow something up for fun. (Blowing stuff up *is* fun - admit it.)

It was a prank, nothing more & nothing less. About equivalent to setting off a firecracker on school grounds. Not particularly heinous, but not something you want to encourage. And not very smart in these days of heightened anxiety about school security.

A brief suspension might be appropriate. Expulsion & felony charges are ridiculous.

glipton1_1, you have no proof

glipton1_1, you have no proof that she "knew what would happen" and that it was a prank. If you are a scientist, them I'm surprised you would quickly jump to conclusions without having adequate information.

rin1, yes, it is possible she

rin1, yes, it is possible she didn't know what would happen, but very unlikely. Of the infinite number of possible experiments a young scientist might be inspired to try, why would she put toilet bowl cleaner & aluminum in a sealed plastic bottle? Answer: because she'd seen it or heard about it. A scientist may draw reasonable inferences from the available evidence that have a high probability of being true.

@schneidny, I completely

@schneidny, I completely agree the principal and anyone else involved in the decision should be dismissed.