Court OKs Swabbing Suspects

The Supreme Court says that swabbing suspects without probable cause is constitutional.

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Sad day.

Sad day.

It is very important to note

It is very important to note that the DNA collected from a suspect will also allow their parents, siblings, and children to be identified as suspects, given their sharing of 50% if their genes. Thus close, but not identical matches, will be invaluable in detecting new suspects.

The distinction between the

The distinction between the use of fingerprints, mugshot searches and police lineups and the use of STR DNA profiling is that the latter is pretty much objective. Let's also remember that a DNA profile match should only ever be used as an intelligence lead, identifying someone of potential interest around whom conventional policing will then build a case, if there is one. DNA profile matches are all too commonly presented as proof of guilt in the popular conscience: they are not. Given these caveats, I find it absolutely bewildering that anyone objects to the use of a technology that can so efficiently aid police investigations, some of which will be egregious crimes; cold cases with little hope of closure for the victims and their families using 'conventional' policing methods.

The constitution: from

The constitution: from guidance document to loin cloth for ill intent.