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Cold Spring Harbor updates its meetings policy so that its media guidelines apply to bloggers and tweeters.

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That "awkward compromise"

That "awkward compromise" quote is taken out of context (and not from my post, but from a subsequent comment I wrote) - here's the surrounding text:

"The CSHL policy (ask permission before reporting) is a compromise between these two competing desires; perhaps it's an awkward compromise, but I think it's important to acknowledge that the dilemma they're facing is not trivial."

Note that I was actually defending the new policy of CSHL in this exchange against fairly vigorous criticism. I welcome CSHL's clarification of their policy and respect their attitude towards protecting presenters who wish to present unpublished data, although I do hope that other conferences end up adopting more open policies.

I'd encourage readers to read my full post to get a sense of my actual views, as the description here does not provide an accurate picture at all.

And seriously, Daily Scan writers - I know you want to go for the most sensational angle, but was that piece of hardcore quote mining really necessary?

Hey Dan, Sorry about that.

Hey Dan, Sorry about that. We weren't trying to be sensational or to take anything out of context -- just to keep things short for readers. It seems you can read the phrase "awkward compromise" to place emphasis on the "awkward" (negative connotation) or on the "compromise" (positive connotation) so we actually thought that was a nice way of referring to the different angles of the debate.

OK, in the cold light of 60

OK, in the cold light of 60 minutes later I can see that my response there was unnecessarily harsh - I do appreciate the link and the fostering of further discussion on the issue!

I just wanted to clarify that I am not criticising CSHL's response to the issue, which has been both prompt and clear. I apologise for the extraneous criticism; it's been a long day...