Cloud Compliance for Genomics

GenomeQuest announces the release of its HIPAA-compliant NGS data management platform for the cloud.

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      Matthew Dublin is a senior writer at Genome Technology.

Thanks for the article, Matt.

Thanks for the article, Matt.

Our private cloud is owned by us and hosted in a SOC II environment outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

We have engaged two different compliance firms to help us to rewrite our policies, procedures, and access controls from the ground up, and have passed an external audit to allow us to certify as compliant with HIPAA.

One of the attributes of our environment that made this easier for us (although this has been an incredible effort across the entire company) was our ownership not just of our applications, but also our infrastructure. Had we instead attempted to certify our GQ-Dx application on, say, Amazon, we would certainly not have been successful.

We're very excited about this compliance as it enables our lab customers to use GQ-Dx without data de-identification, and avoids any debate about the nature of the genome itself as identifiable; regardless of the ultimate outcome of that debate, we do and will forever more treat it as such.

Richard Resnick
CEO, GenomeQuest, Inc.