Children's Study, Interrupted

The National Institutes of Health hits the pause button on National Children's Study.

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This study is flawed in

This study is flawed in principle, there are so many non-trivial interactions in the human genomes that would make linking individual factors to a clinical outcome a daunting task at best. For example, it has been recently recommended to combine BRCA test with family history to avoid misinterpretation of the genotyping results. Same refers to the cystic fibrosis, when hundreds of children known to have severe genetic compromises in both copies of CFTR gene are asymptomatic. Given that each genome is unique, predicting disease trajectory based on simple factors would result in a massive missing heritability. I would rather focus on learning how the same individual genome interacts with the environment under different condition, for that purpose twin study needs to be conducted. This would be an added value to the time-separated twinning scenario, that could result in a disease prevention strategy that explores heritability to a maximum possible extend

my head is spinning already

my head is spinning already just thinking about the massive waste involved. No wonder Celera had to be created...