Cheaper Sequencing, Higher Costs?

Will genome sequencing prod healthcare costs upward?

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While in the short term this

While in the short term this may be true, in the long term such testing may allow the appropriate, and effective, treatment of patients rather than the "try anything" methods used for many conditions currently. In particular, many non-oncology, non-infectious conditions, i.e. genetic conditions, are not well handled by clinicians simply because behavioral diagnoses can be quite challenging. When a more definitive diagnosis is reached because of a genetic finding, a patient can be provided with the most appropriate therapy, whether medical or otherwise.

This is a valid concern and

This is a valid concern and one that we will be studying in our large genome sequencing research study.

I agree with chensel_1. You

I agree with chensel_1. You can't compare and say it's higher cost when patients have the chance to take more specific tests that provide much more insight information for their case. And medical treatments will remain expensive, since the demanding for quality of human health treatment is just getting higher and higher.