A Buoy Named Sue: Can MDs Navigate Lab-Test Market While Fearing Litigation?

More than half of respondents to a physician survey said they had delayed adopting a "medical innovation" due to fear of being sued. But this same fear could have the opposite effect on lab tests.

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The reality is that the

The reality is that the standard of care must be that if one starts a patient on Plavix and fails to order the CYP2C19 genetic test, and the patient suffers an MI caused by a clot because the patient was a poor metaboliser and the Plavix was ineffective and other alternative anti-platelet therapy was not used, IMHO there is absolute liability for malpractice. There is no question in my mind that the FDA's black box warning establishes a standard of care as good if not better than a medical guideline. The warning does not have to be mandatory for liability to attach.