Boosting the Biomedical Workforce

NIH is moving on efforts to address biomedical workforce needs.

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If certain amount of funding

If certain amount of funding cannot be assigned to help postdocs and early stage young scientist just off postdoc, or say, less academic/biopharma positions, current biomedical workforce is already too big.

All evidence already points

All evidence already points to the biomedical workforce already exceeding the needs of both industry and academia. Academia's grant funding rates are already below 10%, so why should we be encouraging more trainees? Pharma is laying off R&D specialists by the boatload (e.g., Amgen), so trainees are certainly not needed there. That leaves government labs, who are not hiring, and startups, who are having trouble raising VC.

It is the CLS workforce that

It is the CLS workforce that is lacking, doing the basic tasks for research. In the next 10 yrs 50% of us will be retiring and we are producing 33% of the number of CLS graduates that were entering into the workforce pre-1980 compared to grads available today.