Blunt Cuts

Francis Collins discussed the sequester on Hardball with Chris Matthews.

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Things are not much better in

Things are not much better in Canada, where budget reform is also a top priority. I don't totally blame government; if people consistently vote for the party promising lower taxes but somehow with no decreased services, then people are unfortunately getting the kind of bureaucrats that they asked for.

Good point. Take some money

Good point. Take some money away from the the old aristocracy, who are largely assigning armies of postdocs projects they "derived" from the bright young researchers in the first place, and give it to the young scientists.

Who decides how much is

Who decides how much is enough, and who should get it? Should age, any more than gender, race or ethnicity, be a criterion of scientific merit? Do public health needs (e.g. Altzheimer's vs HIV) be part of the equation? Railing about the rich or the brain drain at home and abroad may be politically expedient, but it is of little help in deciding research priorities and budgets.

Look at the stats... NIH

Look at the stats... NIH budgets increased over 60% from 2000 to 2006 while Bush was president and republicans controlled the Congress. Since then, with the dems mostly in charge...spending has only risen 8%. And no matter what any of your democratic friends say, you will see similar negative consequences for student loan debt, tuition costs, etc. So keep on voting for who you are voting for and you will keep on getting what you are getting.
Please see

Well considering that the GOP

Well considering that the GOP vowed to block any legislation, and that includes budget measures, who is really to blame? They refuse to even work together as non-partisan, very very different from Reagan days and others when parties worked together for the common good.